A 108 Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Malluwal Welfare Society as we call them are the shelters especially designed for keeping a large number of cows who are past the age where they can deliver milk, but have many more years of life remaining. Rather than have the non-milking cows slaughtered, as is currently practiced, gaushalas provide nourishment and humane, sustainable living in clean and hygienic surroundings.



– Dhllion Gotar Jathera, First owner of the Gaddi was Sal Jagga Mal and born on 1 faith 14 May In Panchkula (Chandigarh) and has expired on 1 .1 alth Bikrmi 731, 16 May Year 675 at Village Malluwal Santa Singh, Tehsil Jhabal, District Tarn Taran (Punjab). The name of father of first Gaddi owner lagga Mal was Mohan Mal Sandhu and his mother’s name was Parsino and was five sons name, Sher Shah, Sipahie Shah, Kale Shah, Buta Shah, Warch Shah and wife Sulakhnl.

– Second Gaddl owner Sai Sher Shah Wall was born on 3 Chet Bikrmi 692, 16 March Year 636 at Village Ghariala, Tehsil Patti, District Tarn Taran and has expired on 15 Chet Bikrmi 1313, 28 March Year 1257 at Zira Town, District Ferocepur (The Darbar is cal. as Jahar Pir). That the narne of father of second owner of Gaddi Sher Shah Wali was Jagga Mal and mother Sulakhni and place of marriage was Village Dhanola and he was married to Ishro and had sons namely Sal Labha Shah Wall and Kake Shah, Manna Shah, Kapur Shah, Roop Shah.

– Third owner of Gaddi Sai Chal Labha Shah Wan was born at Village Dhanola, District Barnala on 8 Visakh Bikrmi 1292, 20 April Year 1236 and expired on dated 17 Maghar Bikrmi, 1590, 2 December Year 1534 at Village Indergarh District Moga. That the name of father of third Gaddl owner Sai Labha Shah Wall was Sai Sher Shah Wall and mother lshro. He has get no marriage and taken Shere Shah Wali son of Mahna Shah In adoption for ancestral Gaddi.

– Forth owner of Gaddi was Sal Shore Shah Wall was born on 15 Chet Bikrmi 1570, 29 March Year 1514 at Village Malluwal Santa Wala and expired on 30 Chet Bikrrni 1979, 11 April Year 1923 at Ferozepur Cant. Court Chowk. That the name of father of forth Gaddl owner Shere Shah Wall was Chaudhary Mahna Shah and mother Kapuro and four sons namely Chanan Shah, Desha Ilhalwan, Sacha Fauji and Sai larnail Shah Wali and five daughters namely Ph’no (Bikhiwind), Preeto Kana (Mishriwala), AssoThL Bibi Bhago,BbBanso Daulewala (Kot Ise Khan) and married to Partap Kaur Pannu at Nashehra Pannuan (Tarn Taran).

– Fifth owner of Gaddi was Sal larnail Shah Wali WaS born on 22 Visakh Bikrmi 1978, 5 May Year 1922 at Village Malluwal Santa Wala and expired on 4 Phagan Bikrmi 2059, 15 February Year 2003, at Maga, Tehsil & District Maga. Thal the name of father of owner of fifth Gaddi Sai Jarnall Shah Wali was Shere Shah Wali and mother Partap Kaur and he was married to respectable Tel Kaur Dhaliwal of Village Mishriwala (Fer0Teaut, and two SOns .nd two daughters narnely Harvel Dhillon, Sai Sipahl Shah Wall Uri Sant Sukhpal Singh, AmarPt Kaur Dhillon and Sarbjlt Kaur Dhillon.

– Sixth owner of Gaddi is Sal Sipahl Shah Wall was born on OS November 1976 day Friday Maghar 2032 Bikrmi at Mishriwala, Ferozepur. That the name of sixth owner or Gaddi sal Sipahi Shah Wali is Sai lamail Shah Wali and mother Tej KaUr Dhaliwal. He is married to the adopted daughter of Brahrn Gayani Sant Forti Dass namely lotpreet Kaur (Rano) Joh D/o S. Maghar Singh Bahadar Puna Barnala. Sal Ji has son Amritpal Singh Dhillon and daughter Harmanpal Dhilion. His son AmritPal Singh Dhillon shall be the owner of Gad. after the death of Sal Slpahi Shah Wali Urf Sukhpal Singh.